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Use this Handy Patient-Friendly Guide in Communicating with your Health Care Providers about Your Personalized Screening.

This Handy Guide gives Patients the benefits, harms and important Cancer Detection Rate of Screening Options for Dense Breasts. Read More »

Updated Resource - Are You Dense Brochure in Spanish, English, French & Japanese.

This resource has been used by hundreds of women to assist with their understanding of breast density with information about the BIRADS scale that Radiologists use to categorize breast density. A must read before getting a mammogram! Read More »

Gail's 3D mammogram was normal, yet unknown to her, an invasive cancer was advancing to stage 3C before discovered by ultrasound.

Ladies - if you participate in breast screening and have dense breast tissue, be persistent in asking for adjunct screening beyond the mammo. Read More »


Dr. Cappello, the architect of Density Reporting Laws, tells Joan Lunden why she was forced to get #BreastScreening Justice through Legislation

A huge barrier to an early diagnosis - Dense Breast Tissue. Read More »

Research Early Detection

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The Randomized Controlled Trials of Mammography Concluded that the magnitude of the reduction in advanced breast cancers was associated with the magnitude of the reduction in mortality.

Reducing Advanced Breast Cancer, Reduces Mortality from Breast Cancer. Read More »

A large study from the Netherlands confirms that finding breast cancer early still matters, even in light of recent advances in treatment.

If Early Detection of Breast Cancer Still Matters, Shouldn't Women with Dense Breast Tissue have access to Multi-Modal Screening? Read More »

Dense Breast Tissue is a Big League Deal as study concludes that it exceeds other risk factors, including obesity, family history, and later in life childbirth.

Authors found that if breast density could be reduced by a single breast density category, 13.4 percent of breast cancers in both pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women could be averted. Read More »

A Radiologist's Warning: What Breast Densty Means to You

Dr. Stacey Vitiello exposes the secret of dense breast tissue. Read More »

Research Dense Breast Tissue

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Eighteen years of studies demonstrate the added yield of invasive cancers by adding ultrasound to mammography

Ultrasound increases 40% detection over mammography for dense breasts. Cancers detected by ultrasound are mostly invasive, small and node negative. Read More »

Having increased breast density is considered one of the populations of women with higher than average risk says American College of Radiology.

Recommendations for women at increase breast density, with other risks and density alone are discussed. Read More »

Dr. Cappello's Published Article in JACR - Decades of Normal Mammography Reports - The Happygram

To withhold a woman's breast density composition from her, which may affect her health care, is denying her the right to make an informed decision. Read More »

Multi-site ASTOUND trial from Italy concludes Ultrasound a better tool than 3D in dense breasts

3D tomosynthesis increased detection to 4 per 1000, while ultrasound increased detection to 7.1 per thousand. Read More »

  • Are You Dense? Fact #1:

    Breast density is one of the strongest predictors of the failure of mammography screening to detect cancer.

  • Are You Dense? Fact #2:

    Two-thirds of pre-menopausal women and 40% of post-menopausal women have dense breast tissue. 

  • Are You Dense? Fact #3:

    Adding more sensitive tests to mammography significantly increase detection of invasive cancers that are small and node negative.

  • Are You Dense? Fact #4:

    American College of Radiology describes women with "Dense Breast Tissue" as having a higher than average risk of Breast Cancer.

  • Are You Dense? Fact #5:

    While a mammogram detects 98% of cancers in women with fatty breasts, it finds only 48% in women with dense breasts.

  • Are You Dense? Fact #6:

    A woman at average risk and a woman at high risk have an EQUAL chance of having their cancer masked by mammogram.

  • Are You Dense? Fact #7:

    Women with dense breasts who had breast cancer have a four times higher risk of recurrence than women with less-dense breasts.

  • Are You Dense? Fact #8:

    A substantial proportion of Breast Cancer can be attributed to high breast density alone.

  • Are You Dense? Fact #9:

    Cancer turns up five times more often in women with extremely dense breasts than those with the most fatty tissue.

  • Are You Dense? Fact #10

    There are too many women who are unaware of their breast density, believe their “Happy Gram” when it reports no significant findings and are at risk of receiving a later stage cancer diagnosis.